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A Listing of Pythons of the World
Distribution Key

Family Boidae (boas and Pythons)
Subfamily Pythonidae (Pythons)


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PYTHONS OF THE WORLD Australian Herpetology Website John Fowler

Common Name

Scientific Name


Children's Python

Antaresia childreni


Spotted Python

Antaresia maculosa

AUSTRALIA (Qld, NSW), New Guinea

Pygmy Python

Antaresia perthensis


Stimson's Python

Antaresia stimsoni


Black-headed Python

Aspidites melanocephalus


Woma Python

Aspidites ramsayi


*Papuan Olive Python

Apodora (or Liasis) papuana

Ramoi, Sorong Peninsula,
Irian Jaya, Indonesia

*D'Alberti's Python

Bothrochilus (or Leiopython) albertisii

Papua New Guinea
(Qld -Torres Strait Islands)

*Biak White-lipped Python

Bothrochilus (or Leiopython) biakensis

Indonesia - Biak Island

*Bismarck (Bismark) Ringed Python

Bothrochilus boa

Bismarck Archipelago
(New Guinea)

*Parker's White-lipped Python

Bothrochilus (or Leiopython) fredparkeri

New Guinea

*Southern White-lipped Python
(Status uncertain - may be synonym of D'Alberti's Python)

Bothrochilus (or Leiopython) hoserae
(Status uncertain - may be synonym of Bothrochilus albertisii)

Papua New Guinea
(Qld -Torres Strait Islands)

*Huon White-lipped Python

Bothrochilus (was Leiopython) huonensis

New Guinea

*Wau White-lipped Python

Bothrochilus (or Leiopython) montanus(was L. bennettorum)

New Guinea

*Reticulated Python (or Regal Python)

Broghammerus (was Python) reticulatus
(status of the genus Malayopython is uncertain)

Southeast Asia

*Lesser Sunda Python (Timor Python)

Broghammerus (was Python) timoriensis
(status of the genus Malayopython is uncertain)

Lesser Sunda Islands
(Flores, and Lombien Islands, Indonesia)

*Calabar Python (is now classed as a boa and should be called the Calabar Ground Boa)

Calabaria (was Charina) reinhardtii

West and central Africa

Australian Water Python or Brown Water Python

Liasis fuscus (was Liasis mackloti fuscus)

& Papua New Guinea

* Dunn's Python

Liasis mackloti dunni (status uncertain)

Indonesia (Wetar Island)

*Macklot's Python, Freckled Python

Liasis mackloti mackloti


*Savu Python

Liasis mackloti savuensis ( may be escalated to full species)

Savu Island (Indonesia)

*Australian Olive Python

Liasis olivaceus olivaceus


*Pilbara Olive Python

Liasis olivaceus baroni


*Northern Green Tree Python

Morelia (Chondropython) azureus (status uncertain)

Indonesia, Northern New Guinea (Includes Biak Island)

Rough-scaled Python

Morelia carinata


Centralian Carpet Python

Morelia spilota bredli or Morelia bredli


Jungle Carpet Python

Morelia spilota cheynei


Southwestern Carpet Python

Morelia spilota imbricata


Coastal Carpet Python

Morelia spilota mcdowelli


Inland Carpet Python

Morelia spilota metcalfei

(NSW,NT,Qld,SA,Vic )

Diamond Python

Morelia spilota spilota


Northwestern Carpet Python or Darwin Carpet Python

Morelia spilota variegata


*The Papuan Carpet Python

Morelia spilota harrisoni
or Morelia spilota variegata)

New Guinea ( and Australia?)

*Green Tree Python (Southern Green Python)

Morelia (Chondropython) viridis

AUSTRALIA (Qld ), Indonesia, Southern New Guinea

*Angolan Python, Anchieta's Dwarf Python

Python anchietae

Angola and Namibia

Burmese Python

Python bivittatus was (Python molurus bivittatus)

Southern and Southeast Asia.
(USA Introduced)

Borneo Short-tailed Python

Python breitensteini

Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore. Sumatra, islands in the Strait of Malacca

Red Blood Python or Malaysian Blood Python

Python brongersmai

Malay Peninsular (West Malaysia), Thailand, Sumatra , Bangka Island Lingga islands, Riau, and Pinang and other islands in the Straits of Malacca.

Short Tailed Python or Sumatran Red Blood Python

Python curtus


Pygmy Short-Tailed Python or Myanmar Python

Python kyaiktiyo

Burma (Myanma)

Indian Rock Python

Python molurus molurus

Indian Peninsula

Ceylon Rock Python

Python molurus pimbura (status uncertain)

Sri Lanka

*Dwarf Burmese Rock Python

Python molurus progschai

Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Royal Python, or Ball Python

Python regius


African Rock Python

Python sebae

Africa (Florida USA introduced)

Southern African Rock Python

Python natalensis ( was Python sebae natalensis)

Southern Africa

*Amethystine Python

Simalia (was Morelia) amethistina

Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (NOT AUSTRALIA)

*Boelen's Python

Simalia (was Morelia) boeleni

New Guinea

*Moluccan Python or Seram Scrub Python

Simalia (was Morelia) clastolepis previously M. amethistina

Islands of Ambon and Seram in the Moluccas

*Australian Scrub (Amethystine) Python

Simalia (was Morelia) kinghorni (previously M. amethistina kinghorni)


*Tanimbar Python or Golden Python

Simalia (was Morelia) nauta previously M. amethistina)

Tanimbar Islands (Indonesia)

*Oenpelli Rock Python

Simalia (was Morelia) oenpelliensis


*Halmahera Scrub Python

Simalia (was Morelia) tracyae previously M. amethistina

Indonesia (Halmahera Island)

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